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When in a important city there is occasion to admire the public square, or to walk in the historical center, or to stop on the covering of a building from the particular architectonic, it is frequent that the material used is the Porphyr of the Trentino.

Harmonious and hot colors, from the several shadings adapt to every requirement in terms of planning and employment. The workings which subordinate comes render this only, resistant and elegant material.

The Lorenzi family extracts from the own quarry the exclusive Red Porphyr, researched in the street furniture, the coverings and the architectonic solutions more demanding.
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The Lorenzi family reserves to the working of the Red Porphyr particular cure and selection thanks to great experience in the field. In this section, there are all the information on the company and the characteristics of the products.

Our catalogue is particularly turns out detailed, complete and of easy consultation. In this section information can be collected on the products deal to you and to demand estimates personalizes to you.

The images are easy to consult for categories and come periodically upload. In this section the customer will be able to become account of the beauty of the products and makes an idea on the variety of the applications.


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